Friday, 12 November 2010

model styling

i want my shoot to look as if it could be from an editorial from vogue.
i want my model to look high fashion and sharp.
for the make up, i went for a minimal look. i added fake eyelashes to make the eyes stand out a bit more, and darkened & thickened her eyebrows using brown eyeliner. i used a bit of blusher to highlight the cheekbones and add definition.
for the hair, i wasn't sure if i wanted it up or down. i curled the hair then backcombed it for extra volume. i then played around with hair styles. these were my two favourite:

even though the latter looks more grown up, i prefer the first image. catwalk models have been shown supporting this style and it's very on trend and up-to-date. i tied the hair up using a messy bun. i think it suits the editorial style i am going for.

on the day of my photoshoot i think i will play around with styling and add and take away items of clothing. i really like the heart cardigan, i think it's subtle but cute and fashionable at the same time. i do like the cream cardigan but i think it's a little plain and the heart brooch i want to feature on the male model. i do like the black and white image with the red heart though. it's very romantic and strong. i really like the use of the heart handbag too. the scarf fits well and looks very seasonal. which with the autumn/winter fallen leaves, it will fit nicely, (whilst keeping my model warm on the shoot!).

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