Sunday, 14 November 2010

god only know's what i'd be without you...

final images//.

i am really happy with my pictures. i think they show a young couple in love, whilst staying within the editorial style. my final pictures were based upon the beach boys song "god only knows". i think my pictures show how in love the pair are, and how they wouldn't know what they'd be without each other.
keeping to the brief set by the british heart foundation, i photoshopped the original pink heart brooch to a fuller redder colour. to achieve this i used the "burn" tool on photoshop and lowered the opacity on the paintbrush tool, to apply a slight red finish. i think it has proved quite effective and shows my model's burning heart for his lover.
my favourite shot is the last shot. i like the rose fencing in the foreground which is out of focus, it adds depth to the picture. i also like the background of the piece. it really shows the late autumn setting sun, and the red of the dying leaves. it's very romantic and warming. i really like jake's pose as well. he really looks like he's lovingly gazing at emma, as if he was really and truly infatuated with her.
these prints were taken with my grandad's old minolta srt 101. my old and faithful manual camera. i really like the tone and effect film has on the prints. i think the fact that the prints were taken on film adds to the love and time went into the prints. digital is so instant and unpersonal, where as time and effort has to go into film developing and editing.
i am a photographer who loves film, and my 1950s manual slr camera.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

black and white or colour??

i think i prefer the colour pictures to the black and white. i think they show a softer, more romantic feel. i also like the autumnal sun and the colour of the leaves. i also think the colour pictures are more editorial and look more vogue-esk than the black and white images.

unedited images

i am so pleased with my images. the photoshoot went really well. even though my model's were nervous at the beginning of the shoot, they really settled down into their roles and really pulled it off. i chose saturday as the weather reports looked to be the best for the week. it did rain very lightly for a bit but the sun came out and gave me some amazing autumnal sun lighting. i used film and my minolta manual slr camera. the location was better than i'd ever imagined. all three of us actually said "wow" as soon as we entered the park. it was like something out of a dream world. the stone steps and fountain reminds me of Bath, it's very Jane Austen; which is helpful as it reflects her romance novels. the shoot couldn't have gone any better and i am so happy with my results.

Friday, 12 November 2010

model styling

i want my shoot to look as if it could be from an editorial from vogue.
i want my model to look high fashion and sharp.
for the make up, i went for a minimal look. i added fake eyelashes to make the eyes stand out a bit more, and darkened & thickened her eyebrows using brown eyeliner. i used a bit of blusher to highlight the cheekbones and add definition.
for the hair, i wasn't sure if i wanted it up or down. i curled the hair then backcombed it for extra volume. i then played around with hair styles. these were my two favourite:

even though the latter looks more grown up, i prefer the first image. catwalk models have been shown supporting this style and it's very on trend and up-to-date. i tied the hair up using a messy bun. i think it suits the editorial style i am going for.

on the day of my photoshoot i think i will play around with styling and add and take away items of clothing. i really like the heart cardigan, i think it's subtle but cute and fashionable at the same time. i do like the cream cardigan but i think it's a little plain and the heart brooch i want to feature on the male model. i do like the black and white image with the red heart though. it's very romantic and strong. i really like the use of the heart handbag too. the scarf fits well and looks very seasonal. which with the autumn/winter fallen leaves, it will fit nicely, (whilst keeping my model warm on the shoot!).

styling ideas

here are some of the garments & accessories im thinking of using for my photoshoot...

taking inspiration from the lookbook image i found; i plan pin the brooch to the outside of the garments, to show the metaphorical and physical love of an item or person from my model.
this is my lookbook image:

god only knows what i'd be without you

this is the song i'm basing my project on. i think the words are beautiful and so true. when you're in love, you really don't know what you would do without the person you love. i want my models to portray their love for each other whilst physically showing the intensity and meaning from the lyrics of the song .

Thursday, 11 November 2010

the two tims.

when tim walker teamed up with tim burton for british vogue in 2008.
i'm focusing on the use of black and white in these photographs. it is so effective, and fits the brief set by the british heart foundation. i have always love tim walker, and he remains my favourite photographer of all time. his editorials with vogue are always outstandingly beautiful.