Tuesday, 2 November 2010

my heart is in fashion

fashion is expresed from the heart.
hearts are also a very popular print in fashion at the moment.
with this in mind i went onto lookbook.nu, one of my favourite styling websites for inspiration. i researched some keywords; here are some of the images i found:

i really like the last image, i like the fact that the heart is actually visible and is placed above the heart, on the left side. i brought a heart brooch a few years ago and would love to use this image as inspiration and take some pictures reflecting this.
i also really love the stocking picture with the vivienne westwood shoes (which i've been wanting for agesss!!). i think it might be a bit too much though and also gives off quite a nurse like vibe?? nurses work in hospitals and are in contact with cardio patients. this could work...

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