Sunday, 31 October 2010


British Heart Foundation - Red For Heart

last year's adult winner - 'the swimmer' by david jenkins
“The idea of the image was to set the strength of the colour red against a muted minimal backdrop to draw on themes of tranquillity and solitude. This in turn is linked metaphorically to feelings of isolation when battling personal health issues; the isolation is represented by the swimmer, though the beauty of life is still present.” David Jenkins

last year's student winner - 'pulse' by tom price
“In this image, the heart is represented by a powerful beam of light which punctures the surrounding darkness. Surrounding this are swirling images that clamour for the light and attention of the piercing gaze of the 'heart' “. Tom Price

Friday, 29 October 2010

hello blog

hello blog numbero three! have another migrane today so not feeling too peachy. will have a laavely night's sleep and get back to this in the morning.
on a lighter note, it's my 21st birthday in 6 days.
and that is a scientific fact.